How to use FLASH

Please refer to the following for how to use FLASH.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 0120-705-800.

Current unit price: 88 yen/kWh

1. Connect the charging cable to your car.

FLASH is non-membership, so you do not need to hold up your card for authentication, etc. in advance. Please connect the cable to your car first.

2. Press 「充電開始」"Start Charging" on the touch panel.

Once the cable and your car are connected, press the 「充電開始」"Start Charging" button on the touch panel.

3. At the desired charge level (%), press 「充電停止」"STOP CHARGING".

FLASH is a pay-as-you-go system where you only pay for what you put in per kWh.When the desired charge (%) is reached, press the red 「充電停止」"Stop Charging" button on the touch panel.

4. Please pay by credit card

Please pay by credit card at the payment terminal.
(Supported cards: VISA / MASTER CARD / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS ) QR code payment will be implemented soon.
*Please note that recharge authorization cards (e.g. eMP cards) cannot be used.