Largest output in Japan, 180 kW.
      *Maximum output per unit

In recent years, electric vehicles have been marked by the increasing capacity of their batteries. In response, FLASH has achieved one of the highest outputs in Japan, 180 kW. This significantly reduces the waiting time for electric vehicle owners.


Pay-as-you-go system.

Previous EV chargers were based on a metered charge model, which charged for the time spent charging, whereas FLASH uses a pay-as-you-go per kW model, which also allows installers to make a profit.

*Metered charging system based on a metering system in accordance with a specific metering system.

Differences arise between the amount of electricity used and the amount of electricity charged due to transmission and conversion losses.

Payment by credit card and QR code.

FLASH does not require any prior registration, and payment can be made by credit card or QR code. This eliminates the need to create a charging card to use the charger, much like a conventional petrol station.