FLASH CHAdeMO 1 outlet type

Product Specifications

Charging StandardCHAdeMO
Trade NameFLASH
Rated InputThree-phase Four –wire AC420V(50Hz) / AC440V(60Hz)
Rated output(kW)180kW(output limit:112.5kW)
Output Voltage150~1000V DC(output limit:450V)
Output Current0~250A DC
Conversion EfficiencyMore than 90%
Dustproof and Waterproof PerformanceIP54
Ambient Temperature-20 ~ 50 ℃
Humidity Range30%~90%
Connector DetailsCHAdeMO
Subsidised BySubject:Up to 5 million yen for the main unit.
Billing SystemCredit card and QR code payments

Example of charging time for each car model

Manufacturer Car model Battery capacity Charging time(0% - 80%)
NISSAN ARIYA 66kWh Approx. 24 min.
new type LEAFe+ 62kW Approx. 42 min.
TOYOTA bZ4X 71.4kWh Approx. 23 min.
PORSCHE Taycan 79.2kWh Approx. 21 min.
Ford F-150 110kWh Approx. 35 min.
TESLA Model X 100kWh Approx. 96 min.
Model 3 54kWh Approx. 52 min.
*Tesla is limited to a maximum output of 50 kW by an adapter.

Every year, EVs with larger storage battery capacity are sold, and even with quick chargers, charging time takes longer.

In addition, with the existing billing system, monthly membership fees must be paid each month in order to use the service.

The electricity rate paid to the installer is also fixed and generates little or no revenue.

Many chargers charge per hour or per charge.

Therefore, charging with a 20kW charger is the same as charging with a 50kW charger, resulting in inequity.

FLASH breaks the mold for such EV chargers.

We have created a system that is pleasing to both users and installers.

One of the largest outputs in Japan, 180 kW

Boasting one of the largest outputs in Japan at 180 kW, it reduces charging time. It alleviates the waiting lines for recharging that have existed until now.


Innovative fee structure

While per-hour or per-unit billing is the mainstream, FLASH offers a per-kWh billing method. In addition, you can easily pay by credit card.Now you no longer have to pay monthly membership fees.

*Metered charging system based on a metering system using a metering device in accordance with the specific metering system.The amount of electricity used and the amount of electricity charged will differ due to transmission and conversion losses.

Non-membership available to all

No cumbersome membership registration is required.Easy payment by credit card or QR code.